Finding the right job for doctors and the right doctors for the job

Ozhealth has extensive experience placing qualified doctors and Allied Health practitioners in metro, regional and remote Australia.

Doctors looking for work can rest assured that we can match them with the best options suited to their preferences, qualifications and experience. We can assist doctors with career coaching, advice about immigration, as well as best training options. 

Likewise, employers can rest assured that our comprehensive doctor registration and compliance process ensures that our doctors are fully registered, appropriately qualified, fit for duty and suitable for the roles they will perform.

Ozhealth utilises a detailed and comprehensive process for the assessment of doctors and their CVs prior to presenting them to our clients. The process begins with a review of the doctor’s CV, qualifications, references and registration and continues right through to the day the doctor starts in their new medical position.

International Medical Graduates seeking permanent medical positions in Australia are screened thoroughly to ensure they meet with AHPRA standards and that they are suitable to commence work as a medical practitioner in Australia.

Ozhealth has a wide network of qualified medical practitioners who are seeking and are available for both permanent and locum positions around Australia.


Running a medical practice successfully requires specialised knowledge and specific skill set that only comes with experience, and inexperience in the healthcare field can take a financial toll, so there are times when expert help and an outside perspective is needed for the business to move forward.

Ozhealth offers a range of consulting services that do not only revolve around staffing solutions and migration procedures. We also provide business advice for practices to run more efficiently and can assist with buy or sale of practices.

Whether you're struggling to attract or retain doctors or patients, we are happy to provide advice that will help you engage more effectively with doctors and grow your patient base, which will ultimately result in the growth of your business and increase in revenue.

If you are looking at acquiring a well-established practice, setting up your own, or just wanting to sell/partner up, give us a call.

Compliance services

If you've sourced a GP on your own, but need help making sure all the requisite paperwork is in order, we can help you with the following services:

  • Immigration procedures
  • Medicare procedures
  • Contracts reviewing and evaluation
  • Credentialing procedures
  • ABN & TFN Applications for doctors

We will take care of the paperwork and streamline the process for you.


Our team members have years of experience working with visas and migration issues for overseas trained medical practitioners, and we strive to make your experience with immigration procedures as quick and as easy as possible.

Both doctors and medical centres are time-poor and when you add on the complex and time-consuming processes and extensive paperwork required to onboard IMGs, it can be overwhelming.

If you’re an employer looking at sponsoring a doctor, we can help by providing advice and lodging the paperwork on your behalf.
However, if you are a doctor needing assistance with your visa, we're happy to lodge your applications and free up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your career.

Networking opportunities for job seekers

Whether you have recently moved to Australia or you've just changed cities or towns, it can be hard if you are trying to navigate job search on your own. No matter what stage of your career you're at, having a network of contacts is a key to success.

Our staff attend all the relevant healthcare industry conferences, seminars and workshops to keep ourselves abreast with new developments in Australian healthcare and this helps us, as well, to remain well-connected.
That's why we try to help doctors build their professional circle and network. We occasionally co-host seminars with our partner companies and organisations so that we can connect doctors and medical practices, as well as encourage doctors to share experiences and ideas with other medical practitioners.

If you take time to attend networking events, you'll be able to get acquainted with like-minded medical professionals, learn and exchange useful information, and even look for study partners.

When you’re isolated and struggling to navigate your way around multiple training programs, certifications, and finding jobs - speaking to other doctors in the same position can be reassuring.

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